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These dramatic blends of fact and fiction expose the horrors of slavery. The story is told by three narrators. Ama, old and blind, wants to tell her life story to her son Kwame, also known as Zacharias, so that he can pass it on to his infant daughter. Kwame, raised by a Brazilian sugar plantation owner, Senhora Miranda Williams, who has promised him his freedom, reacts to his mother's story from his unique point of view. The third narrator is Josef, an elderly slave who acts as boatman on the plantation and who knows part of Ama's history.

The action begins when year-old Nandzi is stolen from her Ghanaian village by mounted raiders from another community. After a forced march with other slaves, she arrives at the Asante kingdom where she is given as a gift to the Asante queen mother. Renamed Ama, Nandzi enjoys a degree of freedom and is treated decently until court politics lead to her being sold, this time to the Dutch governor of the notorious slave port of Elmina.

The governor makes her his mistress and teaches her to read and write. After his death, she is sold and shipped to America, enduring a terrible trans-Atlantic voyage on a slave ship ironically named Love of Liberty. When the slaves rise in revolt, Ama admires the courage of a freedom fighter, Tomba, with whom she later reconnects.

She is sold to a Brazilian sugar plantation where she later has a son with Tomba. Brutality, including rape, abounds.

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Resistance leads to Ama's disfigurement and Tomba's death. The novel is a worthy and instructive depiction of a horrific violation of human rights. In his author's note, Manu Herbstein deplores the lack of discussion and education about slavery:. The slave plantations in the Americas were the testing ground for the future factories of the industrial revolution and for the concentration camps established by the British in South Africa and by the Nazis in Europe in the Second World War.

Noble, daring, brave, and overall good. Used brass section hornes, trumpets, strings and drums. Great for motivational projects with the idea of courage, bravery, and fighting for what's right.

An Artificial Intelligence. Hybrid orchestral track, with pulsating beats, synths and strings in the style of soundtracks for "Gravity", "Interstellar", "The Martian", etc. Sounds a little like Hans Zimmer and John Williams. Excellent background music for blockbuster trailer, sci-fi movie, a space odyssey, new planets exploration, far-reaching land expanse, etc. Stomp Claps Snaps.

Stylish, energetic and upbeat percussion music track, featuring human stomps, claps, snaps and drums only. This percussive clip is useful in a nowadays advertising, commercial, promotional video, as well as animation movie, sports events, or Youtube opener and intro visual, chase scenes, underwater hunting and traveling in the wilds.

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Dramatic cinematic music where epicness meets with sadness. Suitable for patriotic films, inspirational documentary, emotional vibrancy, drama with compassion, bravery and heroic feats, promotional trailers and video game. Epic Hope. Powerful orchestral epic trailer music with a great inspiring motivational mood. Will be a perfect choice for various media projects, heroic blockbuster trailer, a majestic battle, a brave journey, a magnificent victory, historical adventure film, and more.

Beautiful Summer Vibes.

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Uplifting summer pop track with a chill, positive and friendly vibes, and hunger for a new great adventure. Featuring electric guitar, piano, drums, and modern accents. Perfect for youth-oriented commercials, YouTube vlogs, summer music fest, beach party, road trips, and more. A Beautiful Future. The emotional and motivational breakbeat meets the modern classical track. Featuring strings arpeggio, bass, orchestra, modern sound effects, and synth bass. Perfect for overcoming action, brave achievements, inspirational projects, as movie trailers, sports competition, facebook advertising, extreme sports activities, travel adventures and other videos.

Tough Workout. This is powerful and brutal hard rock music with modern dubstep beat and intense sound. This courageous, strong and manly royalty free music can perfectly fit for workout videos, fitness and sport videos, bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting videos, car racing, street racing videos, for motivational and empowering multimedia projects and advertising. Great Beginning. This is a motivational and optimistic pop track with inspiring and positive mood. This wonderful background music will perfect for business videos, corporate projects, uplifting stories, hold music for phone systems, podcast theme, PowerPoint presentation and more.

The Last Empire. Majestic and emotional epic Hollywood style royalty free background music. Perfect for great achievements breakneck success, brave adventures, heroic actions, film trailers, and more. Contemporary cinematic dramatic underscore with a sense of honor and a somber mood. This reflective composition with a thoughtful feeling is great for documentaries films, patriotic film trailer, political company, human stories, faith in the best and victory over oneself.

Big Money. The groovy, powerful funky tune with sexy guitars, Rhodes bits, pads, cooling drums, and SFX.

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Immerse yourself in the buzzing atmosphere of a big city, strong confidence and a winner of life like mood. Perfect for provocative fashion clips, sport projects, badass advertising, business courses, online casinos and gambling activities, adventure games, all or nothing mood, or YouTube vlogs. Taste Of Victory. A fast-paced, victorious anthem played on the piano.

Great for acts of bravery and heroism, inauguration scenes, special events, rewarding sports champion, winner podium, patriotic events, Independence day, and more. This piece loops seamlessly. The Story Of Our Love.

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Beautiful and inspiring royalty-free music theme with piano, electric guitars, light string and drums. Ideal background for medical commercials, romantic stories, happy-end scenes, movie intros, royalty free hold music, films production, weddings shoots, and love-story videos. Great composition for YouTube motivational content and inspirational media campaigns. Powerful, uplifting and inspiring rock piece. Music will catch listeners' attention from the first seconds. Big drum sound, exciting guitar riffs, interesting transitions, splashy guitar solo.

The Spaghetti Western. An epic, fiery, passionate, imposing, proud and heroic spaghetti western with a Mexican flavor. A music piece with a brave heart and soul for real heroes and real men.

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The Lost Sombrero. This is the traditional Mexican tune in a positive mood. It features trumpets, guitars, percussions and would be nice for vacation videos or videos about Mexico. Sexy Tough. A sexy edgy blues rock instrumental with a suspenseful crawling groove and sound. Lots of attitude. Big throaty electric guitar, rock solid drums and bass guitar. A raw live sound. Good for sexy scenes, suspense, bold, brave, tough, attitude, anticipation, swagger, cool and similar.

Nothing Can Stop Me. Powerful and intense ambient rock music with a heavy, noisy and exciting feel, featuring a strong electric guitar riff, lead synth, bass, and drums. This track is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, and much more!

A Big Dream. Dramatic and inspirational modern classical music to give incredible emotions and heartwarming strength to your projects. Suitable for cinematographic projects, storytelling about a brave heart and the will to win, success stories, voice-over backdrop, interviews with prominent personalities, and many other significant projects.

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Playful Groove. Cool, and powerful breakbeat track. A bewitching sound and dynamic melody. Great to add aggression and motivation for your incredible projects. Perfect for workout videos, YouTube fitness channels, stylish teens ads, energy drinks commercials, shooting games, speed racing, trackers apps, and other ideas. Welcome To The Military Academy. A fun marching theme to match audiovisual projects related to police, army, training, and military schools. Militant and somewhat comic.