Hundred Day War: The Cultural Revolution at Tsinghua University

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China: Youth and the Cultural Revolution | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

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Hundred Day War: The Cultural Revolution at Tsinghua University

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Could China's President Get Purged? Happy 50th Anniversary, Cultural Revolution!

Joseph, Christine Wong, and David Zweig. Harvard Contemporary China Series; 8. Pan, Chao-ying. New York, Twin Circle Pub. Pepper, Suzanne. Perry, Elizabeth J. Proletarian Power: Shanghai in the Cultural Revolution. Powell, Patricia. Prahye, Prabhakar. Pye, Lucian W. As we are now in the digital age, advertising using flyers are now often deemed as old-school and get overlooked. People think that it is now ineffective with the existence of a faster and easier way of advertising such as through the internet and social media among many….

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Load more. Other times items of historic importance would be left, but defaced, with examples such as Qin Dynasty scrolls having their writings partially removed and stone and wood carvings having the faces and words carved out of them. Re-education came alongside the destruction of previous culture and history, throughout the Cultural Revolution schools were a target of Red Guard groups to teach both the new ideas of the Cultural Revolution; as well as to point out what ideas represented the previous era idealizing the Four Olds.

For example, one student, Mo Bo, described a variety of the Red Guards activities taken to teach the next generation what was no longer the norms.

source These actions inspired other students across China to join the Red Guard as well. One of these very people, Rae Yang , described how these actions inspired students. Through authority figures, such as teachers, using their positions as a form of absolute command rather than as educators gave students a reason to believe Red Guard messages. Attacks on culture quickly descended into attacks on people.