Metrology in Industry - The Key for Quality

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Read More. EMO Hexagon displays machine tool innovation 05 September Hexagon displays latest innovations driving smarter manufacturing at EMO 22 August Hexagon opens new solutions centre in Nagoya, Japan 20 August View All. Upcoming Events September. All Locations. The BIPM 48 2. Results of the international activities 50 2.

Regional organizations 51 2. Organization at the national level 59 2. Legal metrology 67 2. Scope of legal metrology 67 2.

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The European level 71 2. At national level 73 Chapter 3. What to do at the beginning?

What is Metrology Anyway?

Goals and role of the measurement management system — metrological function 80 3. The measurement processes 86 3. Conception and development of a new measurement process 86 3. Exploitation of a valid process 88 3. Continuous improvement of measurement processes 88 3.

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Management of the measuring equipment metrological confirmation 89 3. Analysis of the requirement and selection of the measuring equipments 91 3. Receiving the measuring equipment and putting it into service 93 3. Calibration and verification operations 97 3. Fitness for use of measuring equipment 3. Setting up a metrological structure within the firm 3. Analysis of the metrological requirements and setting up standards 3. Suggested approach for setting up a metrology function 3. Bibliography Chapter 4.

Acquaintance with the bank 4. Inventory 4. Identification 4. Metrological policy of the firm 4. Plan of actions to launch 4. Awareness, training and vocabulary 4. Selection of the material to be followed periodically 4.

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Drafting of the documents 4. Codification of the documents 4. Work instructions 4. Result-recording documents 4. Other documents 4. Physical handling of the measuring instruments 4. Receipt 4. Transfer 4. Storing and environment 4.

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  2. Calibration.
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  4. Maintenance 4. Follow-up of the measuring instruments over time 4. Periodicity of the follow-up 4.

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    Campaign of recall 4. Follow-up of the results 4. Software for the handling of the means of measurements Chapter 5. Introduction 5.

    Legal metrology

    Definitions 5. Traceability 5. Calibration 5. Verification 5. Traceability chains 5. Calibration in an accredited laboratory 5.

    Calibration in a non-accredited laboratory 5. Verification in an accredited laboratory and in its accreditation scope 5. Use of calibration and verification results 5. Use of the results of a calibration 5. Use of the results of a verification 5. Particular cases 5. Metrology in chemistry and physical methods of chemical analysis 5.

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    Traceabilty in metrology in chemistry 5. Influence of the principle of the method 5. Control of the reference materials 5. Conclusion 5. Assessment of traceability 5. Bibliography Chapter 6. Normative requirements 6. Methods for monitoring the instruments in use — general criteria 6. First method: metrological redundancies 6. Second method: checking the coherence of the results 6. The determination of the calibration intervals 6. Bibliography Chapter 7. Introduction 7. Measurement of physical quantity 7. Applications Covered:?

    Reverse Engineering? Mapping and Modeling? Quality Control and Inspection? Other Applications.

    Metrology in Industry - The Key for Quality

    End-Users Covered:? Aerospace and Defense? Other End Users. Regions Covered:? North America? Asia Pacific? South America?