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Crofton Infant School

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Crofton Infant School - INFANT SCHOOL STAFF

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Donal O'Sullivan finds no genealogical evidence to support this and feels the subject was the daughter of Laughlin Kelly of Lismoyle County Roscommon. She died a spinster on December 22, It probably took place some time in either or though Bunting claims earlier, O'Sullivan believes these dates are correct. Not knowing Irish, she introduced herself in English to Carolan who replied he had heard to be a "young lady of great beauty and much wit.

Instead of completing his devotions and saying the prayer, he composed the tune and words.

Turlough O Carolan - Mrs. Crofton sheet music for Harp

He composed the words in English as an "act of gallantry". Although there are two separate copies of the words one in the British Museum , O'Sullivan is certain these are the correct words although they do not fit the tune very well.

On a fair Sunday morning devoted to be Attentive to a sermon that was ordered for me, I met a fresh rose on the road by decree, And though Mass was my notion, my devotion was she. Welcome, fair lily, white and red, Welcome was every word we said; Welcome bright angel of noble degree, I wish you would love, and that I were with thee.

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I pray don't frown at me with mouth or with eye- So I told the fair maiden, with heart full of glee, Though Mass was my notion, my devotion was she. His seat was at Castle Cuffe and he was M.

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He was, according to O'Sullivan, among the worst of the "murderous mauraders" of the period and among the first to use the term "nits will become lice" in excusing the murder of children in Wicklow. Both the 4th and 5th Baronet were Charles and either could have been the subject of the tune.

The 4th Baronet was born c. In he married to the daughter of the Earl of Carnarvon. His son was born c. He died in August and is buried in Fenagh Churchyard, according to Arthur O'Neill at the age of though this is disputed. Apparently Squire Peyton met Carolan on the road and remarked that he rode "crooked". Carolan, sensitive about his appearance replied that he would "pay him for that with a crooked tune. Carolan visited Squire Peyton at other times.

Passing through Laheen one day Carolan stopped at Peyton's for a drink. He was given a large mug of ale that had gone tart. Carolan was evidently so thirsty he did not notice after the first mug. After the second, however, Carolan remarked, "This is ale indeed ye keep, Peyton! The Mrs. This tune was composed around the time of their marriage, circa He fell in love with Elizabeth, the daughter of Captain Edward Robinson.

She, however, was Protestant, and his father opposed the match. When James decided to become a Protestant in order to marry her, his father threatened to disinherit him. James replied that he would turn informer and claim a forfeiture of the family estate. His father would not give into the threat. James, thereby obtained the family estate. James' two elder brothers left for France. One became an Archbishop and the other Governor of La Hogue. James Crofton died in Hatton and J.

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  4. There are so many Kelly's in Ireland as to make it difficult to determine exactly which Kelly it was composed for. Minstrelsy of Ireland suggests this tune was used by Shield in his opera Robin Hood But only the first four bars are similar to this air. Thomas Moore set the tune to the lyrics Fly Not Yet which are as follows: Fly not yet; 'its just the hour When pleasure, like the midnight flow'r That scorns the eye of vulgar light, Beings to bloom for sons of night And maids who love the moon