Propulsion Systems for Hybrid Vehicles

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Electrification brings with it energy conversion in the form of electric machines and power conversion in the form of power electronic converters.

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Both of these topics were covered in the 1st edition and have been updated in this 2nd edition. Electric drive system control, energy management and electric energy storage comprise the remainder of the electrification chapters in this book. The topic is then completed by treatment of standard drive cycles, emissions considerations and efficiency.

Finally, the book concludes with an all new chapter on AET — automated electrified transportation, what many view as the future of hybrid vehicle evolution. As a text to supplement an existing automotive course at college senior level or graduate level it is recommended that chapters 1 through 4, along with portions of chapters 8, 9 and 11 be used. For more in depth treatment of hybrid and plug-in vehicles, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles the materials in chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are most relevant along with chapter 12 for a vision of the role of these systems in future transportation systems.

First run of a hybrid electric propulsion system

Chapter 12 on automated electrified transportation has been included in the 2nd edition to introduce this topic that is now receiving more interest, especially for the transporation of freight. The material in this book is recommended primarily for practicing engineers in industrial, commercial, academic, and government settings.

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As already said, it can be used to complement existing texts for a graduate or senior-level undergraduate course on automotive electronics and transportation systems. Depending on the background of the practicing engineers or university students, the material contained in this book may be selected to suit specific applications or interests. In more formal settings, and in particular where different disciplines such as electrical and mechanical engineering students are combined, course instructors are encouraged to focus on material presented in Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

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Instructors also have the flexibility to choose the material in any order for their lectures. Most of the material in this book has been developed by the author during active projects and presentations at conferences, symposia, workshops, and invited lectures to various companies and universities.

Alternative Propulsion Systems and Fuels

Basic concepts for energy consumption in drive cycles. IC engine based propulsion systems. Case study 1: Gear ratio optimization. Case study 3: Optimization of a flywheel powertrain.

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Case study 8: Pneumatic hybrid engine. H-I 4 1—8 Hand-in assignment 4: Hybrid vehicle with short term storage systems, and supervisory control.


Details concerning the examination requirements are given in the document that describes the hand-in assignments. There is a mandatory set of tasks that have to be completed for pass grade 3. Then there is a set of extra tasks that through a point system can give higher grades 4 or 5. In total there are four hand-in assigments, where only the first three have mandatory parts. The basic contents of the hand-in assignments and the hand in deadlines are: Energy requirement of a driving mission.

Fuel consumption analysis of conventional cars. A first implementation of the different tools that are used for fuel consumption analysis. Optimal driving trajectories for parallel and series hybrid cars, the problem is solved using dynamic programming.

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Another interesting scenario is the optimal speed trajectories of a heavy truck in up- and down-hill driving. ECMS-control of a parallel hybrid vehicle. Control strategies and fuel consumption optimization of a car with short term storage. Implementation and analysis of a fuel cell electrical vehicle and all other Extra Tasks.

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The final deadline for submission of all mandatory assignments is June 8th , if you want your grades to be reported for this semester and put on Ladok. Note that there is no guarantee to give feedbacks to assignments after that date until the next year when the course is given again.

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