Semites and Anti-Semites: An Inquiry into Conflict and Prejudice

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Moses Montefiore , on his seventh visit in , noted that fine new buildings had sprung up and; 'surely we're approaching the time to witness God's hallowed promise unto Zion. At the time of the Dreyfus trial in France, 'Muslim comments usually favoured the persecuted Jew against his Christian persecutors'. The essay began as an attack on Jewish composers, particularly Wagner's contemporaries, and rivals, Felix Mendelssohn and Giacomo Meyerbeer , but expanded to accuse Jews of being a harmful and alien element in German culture , who corrupted morals and were, in fact, parasites incapable of creating truly "German" art.

The crux was the manipulation and control by the Jews of the money economy: [].

Arab and Muslim Anti-Semitism in Sweden - Mikael Tossavainen

According to the present constitution of this world, the Jew in truth is already more than emancipated: he rules, and will rule, so long as Money remains the power before which all our doings and our dealings lose their force. Although originally published anonymously, when the essay was republished 19 years later, in , the concept of the corrupting Jew had become so widely held that Wagner's name was affixed to it.

Antisemitism can also be found in many of the Grimms' Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm , published from to The middle 19th century saw continued official harassment of the Jews, especially in Eastern Europe under Czarist influence. For example, in , 80 Jews approached the governor in Warsaw to retain the right to wear their traditional dress, but were immediately rebuffed by having their hair and beards forcefully cut, at their own expense.

In America, even such influential figures as Walt Whitman tolerated bigotry toward the Jews. During his time as editor of the Brooklyn Eagle — , the newspaper published historical sketches casting Jews in a bad light. The Dreyfus Affair was an infamous antisemitic event of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Alfred Dreyfus , a Jewish artillery captain in the French Army , was accused in of passing secrets to the Germans. As a result of these charges, Dreyfus was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil's Island.

The actual spy, Marie Charles Esterhazy, was acquitted. The event caused great uproar among the French, with the public choosing sides on the issue of whether Dreyfus was actually guilty or not. This attitude among the majority of the French population reveals the underlying antisemitism of the time period. Adolf Stoecker — , the Lutheran court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm I , founded in an antisemitic, anti-liberal political party called the Christian Social Party.

Some scholars view Karl Marx's essay On The Jewish Question as antisemitic, and argue that he often used antisemitic epithets in his published and private writings. Some further argue that the essay influenced National Socialist , as well as Soviet and Arab antisemites. These scholars argue that "On the Jewish Question" is a critique of Bruno Bauer's arguments that Jews must convert to Christianity before being emancipated, and is more generally a critique of liberal rights discourses and capitalism. Wheen says that "Those critics, who see this as a foretaste of 'Mein Kampf', overlook one, essential point: in spite of the clumsy phraseology and crude stereotyping, the essay was actually written as a defense of the Jews.

It was a retort to Bruno Bauer, who had argued that Jews should not be granted full civic rights and freedoms unless they were baptised as Christians".

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McLellan concludes that readers should interpret the essay's second half as "an extended pun at Bauer's expense". Between and , approximately 1. This increase, combined with the upward social mobility of some Jews, contributed to a resurgence of antisemitism. In the first half of the 20th century, in the US, Jews were discriminated against in employment, access to residential and resort areas, membership in clubs and organizations, and in tightened quotas on Jewish enrolment and teaching positions in colleges and universities.

The lynching of Leo Frank by a mob of prominent citizens in Marietta, Georgia in turned the spotlight on antisemitism in the United States. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Beilis Trial in Russia represented modern incidents of blood-libels in Europe. During the Russian Civil War , close to 50, Jews were killed in pogroms. Antisemitism in America reached its peak during the interwar period. The pioneer automobile manufacturer Henry Ford propagated antisemitic ideas in his newspaper The Dearborn Independent published by Ford from to The radio speeches of Father Coughlin in the late s attacked Franklin D.

Roosevelt 's New Deal and promoted the notion of a Jewish financial conspiracy. Some prominent politicians shared such views: Louis T. McFadden , Chairman of the United States House Committee on Banking and Currency , blamed Jews for Roosevelt's decision to abandon the gold standard , and claimed that "in the United States today, the Gentiles have the slips of paper while the Jews have the lawful money".

In the early s the aviator Charles Lindbergh and many prominent Americans led The America First Committee in opposing any involvement in the war against Fascism. During his July visit to Nazi Germany , a few weeks before the Summer Olympics , Lindbergh wrote letters saying that there was "more intelligent leadership in Germany than is generally recognized". The German American Bund held parades in New York City during the late s, where members wore Nazi uniforms and raised flags featuring swastikas alongside American flags. Sometimes race riots , as in Detroit in , targeted Jewish businesses for looting and burning.

In Germany, Nazism led Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party , who came to power on 30 January shortly afterwards instituted repressive legislation which denied the Jews basic civil rights. Antisemitism was commonly used as an instrument for settling personal conflicts in the Soviet Union , starting with the conflict between Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky and continuing through numerous conspiracy-theories spread by official propaganda.

Antisemitism in the USSR reached new heights after during the campaign against the " rootless cosmopolitan " euphemism for "Jew" in which numerous Yiddish-language poets, writers, painters and sculptors were killed or arrested. Similar antisemitic propaganda in Poland resulted in the flight of Polish Jewish survivors from the country. After the war, the Kielce pogrom and the " March events " in communist Poland represented further incidents of antisemitism in Europe.

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The anti-Jewish violence in postwar Poland has a common theme of blood libel rumours. Physical assaults against Jews in those countries included beatings, stabbings and other violence, which increased markedly, sometimes resulting in serious injury and death.

A new anti-Semitism? Why thousands of Jewish citizens are leaving France

This rise in antisemitic attacks is associated with both the Muslim anti-Semitism and the rise of far-right political parties as a result of the economic crisis of In Eastern Europe the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the instability of the new states has brought the rise of nationalist movements and the accusation against Jews for the economic crisis, taking over the local economy and bribing the government alongside with traditional and religious motives for antisemitism such as blood libels. Most of the antisemitic incidents are against Jewish cemeteries and building community centers and synagogues.

Nevertheless, there were several violent attacks against Jews in Moscow in when a neo-Nazi stabbed 9 people at the Bolshaya Bronnaya Synagogue, [] the failed bomb attack on the same synagogue in , [] the threats against Jewish pilgrims in Uman, Ukraine [] and the attack against a menorah by extremist Christian organization in Moldova in According to Paul Johnson , antisemitic policies are a sign of a state which is poorly governed.

Robert Bernstein , founder of Human Rights Watch , says that antisemitism is "deeply ingrained and institutionalized" in "Arab nations in modern times. In a survey by the Pew Research Center , all of the Muslim-majority Middle Eastern countries polled held few positive opinions of Jews. According to a exhibition at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, United States, some of the dialogue from Middle East media and commentators about Jews bear a striking resemblance to Nazi propaganda.

Whereas this darkest of creeds is no longer tolerated in polite society in the West, in the Arab world, Jew hatred remains culturally endemic. Muslim clerics in the Middle East have frequently referred to Jews as descendants of apes and pigs, which are conventional epithets for Jews and Christians. Antisemitism has been explained in terms of racism , xenophobia , projected guilt , displaced aggression, and the search for a scapegoat.

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Such a perception may have arisen by many Jews having strictly kept to their own communities, with their own practices and laws. It has also been suggested that parts of antisemitism arose from a perception of Jewish people as greedy as often used in stereotypes of Jews , and this perception has probably evolved in Europe during Medieval times where a large portion of money lending was operated by Jews.

A March report by the U. State Department found that there was an increase in antisemitism across the world, and that both old and new expressions of antisemitism persist. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor also noted a continued global increase in antisemitism, and found that Holocaust denial and opposition to Israeli policy at times was used to promote or justify blatant antisemitism. Almost all Jews in Algeria left upon independence in Algeria's , Jews had French citizenship since briefly revoked by Vichy France in , and they mainly went to France , with some going to Israel.

In Egypt , Dar al-Fadhilah published a translation of Henry Ford 's antisemitic treatise, The International Jew , complete with distinctly antisemitic imagery on the cover. On 5 May , after Shimon Peres visited Egypt , the Egyptian al-Akhbar internet paper said that "lies and deceit are not foreign to Jews[ For this reason, Allah changed their shape and made them into monkeys and pigs.

Semites and anti-Semites : an inquiry into conflict and prejudice

In July , Egypt's Al Nahar channel fooled actors into thinking they were on an Israeli television show and filmed their reactions to being told it was an Israeli television show. In response, some of the actors launched into antisemitic rants or dialogue, and many became violent. Actress Mayer El Beblawi said that "Allah did not curse the worm and moth as much as he cursed the Jews" while actor Mahmoud Abdel Ghaffar launched into a violent rage and said, "You brought me someone who looks like a Jew I hate the Jews to death" after finding out it was a prank.

Libya had once one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world, dating back to BCE. Despite the repression of Jews in the late , as a result of the pro-Nazi Fascist Italian regime, Jews were third of the population of Libya till In the Nazi German troops occupied the Jewish quarter of Benghazi, plundering shops and deporting more than 2, Jews across the desert. Sent to work in labor camps, more than one-fifth of this group of Jews perished. A series of pogroms started in November , while more than Jews were killed in Tripoli and most synagogues in the city looted.

After the Suez Crisis in , another series of pogroms forced all but about Jews to flee. When Muammar al-Gaddafi came to power in , all remaining Jewish property was confiscated and all debts to Jews cancelled. Jewish communities, in Islamic times often living in ghettos known as mellah , have existed in Morocco for at least 2, years.

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Intermittent large scale massacres such as that of 6, Jews in Fez in , over , Jews in Fez and Marrakesh in and again in Marrakesh in [] [] were accompanied by systematic discrimination through the years. In , 20 Jews were killed by a mob in Demnat , Morocco; elsewhere in Morocco, Jews were attacked and killed in the streets in broad daylight. In , approximately , Jews lived in Morocco. Between 5, and 8, live there now. In June , soon after Israel was established and in the midst of the first Arab-Israeli war, riots against Jews broke out in Oujda and Djerada , killing 44 Jews.

In , 18, Jews left the country for Israel. After this, Jewish emigration continued to Israel and elsewhere , but slowed to a few thousand a year. Through the early fifties, Zionist organizations encouraged emigration, particularly in the poorer south of the country, seeing Moroccan Jews as valuable contributors to the Jewish State: In , Morocco attained independence and emigration to Israel has increased further until then it was prohibited until , then resumed.

By , the Jewish population was down to 35,; however, most of this wave of emigration went to Europe and North America rather than Israel. Antisemitism has been present in history of South Africa since Europeans first set foot ashore on the Cape Peninsula. In the years — Jews were not allowed to settle at the Cape. An Act would sanction religious discrimination. Jews have lived in Tunisia for at least 2, years. In the 13th century, Jews were expelled from their homes in Kairouan and were ultimately restricted to ghettos, known as hara.

Can Ilhan Omar Overcome Her Prejudice?

Forced to wear distinctive clothing, several Jews earned high positions in the Tunisian government. Several prominent international traders were Tunisian Jews. From to , Muhammad Bey relaxed dhimmi laws, but reinstated them in the face of anti-Jewish riots that continued at least until Tunisia, as the only Middle Eastern country under direct Nazi control during World War II, was also the site of racist antisemitic measures activities such as the yellow star, prison camps, deportations, and other persecution.

In , approximately , Jews lived in Tunisia. Only about 1, remain there today. Following Tunisia's independence from France in , a number of anti-Jewish policies led to emigration, of which half went to Israel and the other half to France. After attacks in , Jewish emigration both to Israel and France accelerated.

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