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Velasco, Annycke, Ruck, Presentation PowerPoint , N. Cunha, Presentation PowerPoint , U. Kulke, Butare, Presentation PowerPoint , C. Behrendt, Presentation PowerPoint , De Loveleen , Presentation PowerPoint , Sici Artiom , Policy brief , Knox-Vydmanov, C. Policy brief , F. Juergens; L. Pellerano, Pellerano , Math majors learn to start with a blank page, consider a few assumptions, and convincingly argue a solution for a focused question. It builds personal confidence and develops problem solving skills.

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This intellectual discipline, coupled with good writing skills, allows one to be successful at almost any pursuit. But most of all, it is fun! As part of registering for your first semester, you will fill out a math questionnaire, which will help us guide you to the right course.

Those who have taken calculus in high school will also fill out a Calculus Placement Exam.

Credit, therefore, is handled through the registrar's office. If your placement is in a higher level math class say Calculus II or Calclulus III , and you successfully complete that course, then you are considered ready to take any course that has a prerequisite of the earlier courses. Placement is handled through the Department of Mathematics. If you get credit for a course say Calculus I , and you decide to take more mathematics, you will automatically be placed into Calculus II.


But if your placement is into Calculus II, and you have not taken the AP test or did not get a high score on it, you will not get credit for Calculus I. About two-thirds of our math majors enter the workforce immediately after graduation; the remainder go to graduate school.

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The types of jobs secured by recent math majors include the obvious such as teaching and actuarial work, but also include insurance agent, medical secretary, wrestling coach, laboratory technician, paralegal, trading assistant, engineer and computer consultant. Of those going to graduate school, some study traditional areas of mathematics or statistics, but others pursue degrees in physics, engineering, neuroscience, environmental science, international affairs, and the history of religions.

Each chapter contains problems, hints, solutions, as well as a self-contained theoretical part which gives all the necessary material for solving the problems. References to the literature are also given. The exercises have various levels of complexity and vary from simple ones, useful for students studying basic notions and technique, to very advanced ones that reveal some important theoretical facts and constructions. The problems in this book can be useful for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for specialists in the theory of stochastic processes.

This is a book in the Springer series on Problem Books in Mathematics, presenting a series of problems ….

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Each of the 20 chapters in this book has a condensed outline of the topic being considered, a bibliography, the problems, and then hints or solutions to most of the problems. Hand, International Statistical Review, Vol.

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It is divided into 20 chapters that cover different aspects of this theory. Myers, Technometrics, Vol. Definition of stochastic process. Characteristics of a stochastic process. Mean and covariance functions. Characteristic functions.

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Stochastic processes with independent increments. Wiener and Poisson processes. Poisson point measures. Stationary discrete- and continuous-time processes. Stochastic integral over measure with orthogonal values. Measures in a functional spaces. Weak convergence, probability metrics.