The Yoga of Pregnancy Week by Week: Connect with Your Unborn Child through the Mind, Body and Breath

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For me yoga is as much about the benefits for your mind as it is your body — the use of pranayama and meditation in my lessons allows my students to move deeper into their practice. I am a firm believer in making each yoga pose fit your body and not fit your body to the pose - everyone's Triangle pose might look slightly different, there is no such thing as the "perfect pose" despite what Instagram might show us!

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I decided to train as a pregnancy yoga teacher when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Hope. Vinyasa can be translated as "arranging something in a special way" - such as yoga poses that are arranged in a flowing sequence. In vinyasa flow, each movement is synchronised with the breath to flow from pose to pose. Creatively using variations of Sun Salutations often form a basis for this style of yoga. Yoga translates as Union - which is often referred to as the union of the body, mind, breath and spirit.

Fun filled, child friendly yoga classes incorporate age appropriate poses, activities, games, props, music, value based stories and brain gym exercises to engage children's bodies and minds.

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  • Pregnancy Yoga in English, 7 week course at Infinite Yoga Malmö.
  • Pregnancy yoga: supporting women during this time of change.
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The classes also educate them on eating healthy foods, developing healthy habits, personality development, social skills etc. Teenage is not easy. Body image issues, low confidence, and constant pressure clouds the kids and bring their morale down. They must be trained to overcome these problems and take on tougher challenges. Teenage yoga is an excellent way to help your child deal with the overwhelming emotional and physical changes that they go through during adolescence.

Teenagers who practice yoga are less stressed and perform better than their counterparts in academics. Yoga will not only help the kids develop a good posture, overcome eating disorders, but also help them focus better and keep random thoughts at bay. Above all, yoga will empower the self-detesting teenagers to love themselves more and teaching them that beauty is inside out can encourage them to believe in themselves.

Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, yoga teaches teens techniques for coping with the unique issues they're faced with everyday—insecurity about their changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in, stressful schedules, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their futures. Researchers of Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics found at the end of their ten week study, that high school students who participated in the yoga sessions during PT class scored better on psychological tests screening for anxiety, depression, and mood imbalances than the teens that did not.

Adolescence age is an ideal time to begin the practice of yoga. It will not only help to develop a healthy and regular menstrual cycle for girls but will also help to deal with psychological changes generally. It has been proven time and again that yoga helps reduce stress, rejuvenate their senses through relaxation and enable smooth transition into adulthood.

Pregnancy Yoga in English, 7 week course at Infinite Yoga Malmö

Following are the physical, emotional, social, psychological…. By practicing present moment living, they will have a better sense of their emotions. Yoga will enable them to connect with their deeper layers and understand more fully what they are feeling. By developing a better understanding of their emotions, teens can then more appropriately process them. Emotional intelligence is a very powerful thing to learn at an early age.

By understanding that each and every single person is one, perhaps teens will learn to accept one another more fully, no matter their color, social interests or status.

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  7. Yoga will help teenagers become more compassionate for one another. Yoga flaunts a happiness quotient among teens. At Sapta Dalla Yoga, we the team of experts, help the children to improve and boost their self-confidence, self-esteem, healthy body image, anger management, forgiveness, mindfulness in daily life and cultivate positive approach using affirmations which helps them to excel in their life as well as studies. Modern day living is fast-paced; we are always doing, achieving, and pushing ourselves to be bigger and better.

    Middle age for a woman comes with complexities. Yoga plays the role of a healer for a new set of physical changes in women. During the menopausal phase helps to balance hormones keep weight under control, avoid medical complications and maintain healthy digestive system.

    Pregnancy Yoga - Episode 1 - Tonic

    Through yoga a woman can maintain a balanced and harmonious reproductive system and may lead to greater vitality and radiant wellness. A yoga practice has the potential to support positive transformation through these natural cycles. Women, relative to men, are at risk for experiencing reproductive-related health issues during the childbearing years due to normal physiological hormonal transitions that are associated with the reproductive lifecycle, namely menstruation, pregnancy and the postpartum period, and also generally for women over 50 due to menopause.

    It gives women physical and emotional balance and teaches self acceptance. It helps them get better body awareness and encourages appreciation for all that our body does for us.

    It removes negativity and enables self-love. In yoga we use our own body resistance to build our muscle strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Women of reproductive age can experience monthly fluctuations in emotional and physical symptoms that are associated with the cyclical rhythm of their menstrual cycle.

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    The majority of women experience some negative emotional, physical, or relational symptoms in the days prior to menses, with symptoms ranging on a continuum from mild to severe and debilitating. Emotional symptoms include mood labiality and irritability, while physical symptoms include fatigue, bloating, and breast tenderness. Exercises for women such as a regular yoga practice can address these symptoms by helping to calm the central nervous system through stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system relaxation response , which facilitates decreased stress and tension in the body and cultivates deep relaxation.

    Further, the practice of asanas with an emphasis on linking breath with movement can work to increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the reproductive organs and tissues, working to alleviate discomfort associated with cramps, and increase circulation in the body to minimize the storage of fluids that causes bloating. The benefits of yoga for women who are pregnant and post delivery are manifold. Research has shown yoga to decrease the perception of pain during labor, reduce physical discomfort during pregnancy and labor, significantly reduce stress and sleep disturbance, as well as improve overall quality of life.

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    Research has documented poor outcomes associated with depression, such as higher rates of preeclampsia, spontaneous abortion, and complications during pregnancy and labor. Prenatal yoga has been associated with reduced depression and anxiety, and has been shown to support women with high-risk pregnancies by reducing the potential for pregnancy-induced hypertension or preeclampsia.

    The transition to motherhood can have a significant impact in the areas of work and relationships.

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    Further, postnatal women often experience weight gain coupled with decreased physical activity following childbirth, with weight gain an important factor contributing to poor emotional health during this time. A regular postnatal yoga practice may affect change in these areas by helping to cultivate and support vitality, energy, weight loss and social functioning. Moreover, the physical aspect of yoga can counteract inactivity and agitation associated with depression and anxiety.

    Pre & Post Natal Classes

    The transition to menopause, called the premenopausal period, usually occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55 and generally takes several years to unfold. During perimenopause, fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels manifest in uncomfortable psychological, somatic, and vasomotor symptoms. The most common menopausal symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, pain, decreased libido, and mood swings, with most symptoms persisting for several years post menopause. While not all women experience all of these symptoms, over half will likely experience mild symptoms.

    Premenopausal women need to turn to yoga to reduce the unwanted side effects of menopausal symptoms. While a yoga practice cannot directly effect estrogen production, restorative postures in particular can help to calm the nervous system by way of turning down the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight response and supporting activation of the parasympathetic nervous system relaxation response , as well as to improve functioning of the endocrine system, which can support the body in adapting to hormonal fluctuations.

    Women are overwhelmed as they first get their children ready for school, and then drop them to school, before they head to work. Stress at work due to work overload and connecting with many different personalities at the work place puts a lot of mental and physical strain on the working women. Their muscles tighten up and they need a release.

    This is when they start feeling the aches in their stressed, weak and tired muscles and inflexible joints. They are overwhelmed with the various aspects of their lives.

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    They realize that they have completely let go of themselves in their zeal to take care of their family and work as well as staying involved with their social lives. When they reach the point of complete overwhelm or when their physician brings to their attention the medical health concerns due to lack of exercise and negligence of healthy eating habit, sleep patterns etc. Sapta Dalla Yoga focuses on bringing healthy life to women as they are the ones who bring happiness to the whole family. These practices take into account the stress of our modern lives, as well as the hormonal and anatomical differences specific to women in order to promote mental and physical balance and a feeling of calm vitality.

    Our Women Wellness Yoga is the key to a balanced, healthy and stress-free revitalised you. In addition to the physical benefits of improved blood circulation, postural alignment, muscle tone and balance, our sessions specifically works on the neuro endocrine system which helps to harmonise the hormonal levels and creates new foundations for emotional stability.

    All classes include relaxation and cultivate a calm, balanced, vital feeling while detoxifying the body, promoting a sense of inner wellbeing. Not only women, but men also have their own set of problems. Guys have problems too, be it social problems, psychological, physical, or biological. A lack of awareness, weak health education, and unhealthy work and personal lifestyles has caused a steady deterioration of the well-being of men.

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    Wrong Diet and improper lifestyle are the major components of diseases. Men, now more than ever, are taking a much larger role in helping with household decision making and child rearing. Our modern way of life is less physically active than ever before. For many people work is very sedentary. It is done at a desk, with the assistance of telephone and email for communication.